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Our Mission

We provide a no frills resource for homeowners to liquidate thier properties quickly, regardless of condition...


Connect everyday Americans with home ownership opportunities outside of the mainstream mortgage structure.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where any responsible citizen can own their home, where high interest loans rarely exist, and where bank qualifications no longer impede average Americans in chasing their dreams.







Common Loyalty


Who Are We?

Co-founders, Andrew Peterson and Benjamin Gerlach, met while studying Hospitality Management at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO where we both found a passion for helping people and for the excitement surrounding the hospitality industry. 


After school we went our separate ways, each with the goal to learn, hone our craft, and experience the rewards the service industry has to offer. However, real estate continued to stand in the back of our minds until we formulated an idea for a company that would merge our extensive service oriented experience, our passion for helping others, and our love for real estate. 


A look into the bureaucracy of corporate real estate and large banks showed us how difficult it could be for average Americans, who have a right to owning their own homes, to qualify for a bank loan or avoid being taken advantage of. We discovered the possibilities surrounding mutually beneficial deal structures, where we help the 75% of Americans who can’t qualify for a home loan find a path to their dreams.


After countless hours of phone calls and education, we finally founded B&E Real Estate Solutions, where we prioritize personal connections and the hospitality spirit to ensure that St. Louis families can sell and purchase a home without all of the baggage that comes from the mainstream mortgage structure. 

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